Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's 2010

Another year is gone, worse yet another decade.

I haven't blogged in a while because I have been very busy. I have decided to pursue turning my hobby into a business. So I guess you can say I am no longer and amateur I have officially gone Pro. This is a was a very difficult decision. I have spent many months researching this aspect of my life. I have been learning new techniques, software, and business aspects. I wanted to be sure my images would stand on their own and be sure there would be an interest in what my vision is. I have spent the last year taking over 25,000 pictures of everything I can find. I have used these pictures to find a rhythm and balance I am happy with and I am sure clients would be happy with.

I still have work to do. I have several upcoming announcements so stay tuned.

So here is a few things I have been up to.

I am continuing to partner with the Home Place in Gallipolis. This is a local outlet to display and sell some of my fine art prints of the Gallipolis area and beyond. The Home Place is an antique and craft mall at 842 Second Avenue in Gallipolis. You can see my fine art prints displayed there. All the items are offered in framed and unframed versions. To see the current offering take a look at my Fine Art Gallery.

Also if you are interested in any type of portrait session feel free to contact me.