Thursday, June 10, 2010

Davis Hall

Davis Hall was completed and opened in June 1957 to house the nursing students for the Holzer School of Nursing. It served as a dorm and classrooms for the nursing students until it was closed after just 25 years of service in June 1982. Davis Hall was closed due changes in the nursing program. The Holzer School of Nursing was moved from being a self sustaining operation to Rio Grande College. Davis Hall due to it age and lack of maintenance is scheduled to be demolished later this summer. It is part of the Holzer Legacy of Gallipolis. It is being razed to make room for the City of Gallipolis' new City Building. I had the opportunity the other day to get access to the inside of Davis Hall to take some photos. Little has changed since the building was abandoned in 1982. The city has used it for storage and law enforcement training.

The outside of Davis Hall appears in good shape but looks can be deceiving.

The rear of building begins to show some of the decay to be found inside.

Outside there is a small courtyard for the students to relax. A great feature of this building is the large bay window.

When you enter the front door you ascend a stair case to the main floor. Stair case is a circular stair covered in a pink marble.

Visitors had to check in at the front desk. The mail slots are still in the building along with an old Remington typewriter.

To the left you would find the elevator. It has long been disabled but the floor indicator with its bubble I found unique.

To the right was the lobby area. The green shag carpet reminds you of the era that the building was used.

Off the lobby is the library. The table is still there but all the books have since been removed.

In the downstairs where the classrooms are you begin to see some of the damages of time.

This was one of the offices used by an instructor.

The classrooms are large but they are still storing items for Gallipolis.

Also on the ground floor are the mechanical systems of a time past.

Back upstairs behind a door past the elevator you find the actual dorm rooms. Down long hallways you find things of the past.

Some of the 2nd floor hallways were in the worst shape.

In the hallways you also find reminders of the past. The old phone booths still remain though the pay phones are long gone.

Next are the dorm rooms showing what dorm life wass like for these nursing students.

Each room had a wall unit for the students to use to store their belongings. Each room was 2 students to a room. Though the beds are long gone the wall units remain.

Each floor also had a lounge area with a place for a TV and a small kitchenette.

And finally the laundry room. One on each floor with 3 ironing boards each.

Just a reminder from Ethel Armstrong the first director of Davis Hall about the use of Laundry Facilities.

If you have a camera get out and shoot some of these buildings before they are gone. Also as a note a copy of these photos are being provided to the Gallia County Historical Society so other generations can remember Davis Hall.



Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thunder Rolls

Last night a quick line of storms rolled in producing lightning before its arrival. I have wanted to capture lightning for a while so I gave it a go. The storm still a few miles off so initially I just got illumination of the clouds. The storm died out before getting close enough to get some shots of actual bolts.

I did get one tendril of lightning.

With some more storms coming in the next few days hopefully I can get some more.