Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hiking - Kanawha Trace

The Kanawha Trace is a 32 mile trail from Barboursville to Fraziers Bottom in West Virginia. It is maintained by the Boys Scouts of America. Yesterday I section hiked from Hannan High School to Blackjack School. The section was about 5.6 miles and then I returned to my truck. My total was 11.3 miles. The GPS told me my moving time was 3 hours 37 minutes and my average speed was 3.1 miles per hour. I tried to keep my load light but did manage to take my camera, two lenses and my GoPro Hero 2 for some video. It was a frosty morning to start but the day turned out to be a beautiful February day.

This is Blackjack School that is used as a camp by the scouts.

I also did some video using my GoPro Hero 2. This is a short 5x5, 5 seperate clips lasting 5 seconds each.

You can see the HD Version of the video here