Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Raccoon Creek County Park

At O.O. McIntyre Park District's Raccoon Creek County park there are several small streams that are off the beaten path. These streams only flow when it has been raining. After a 2 day soaking rain I wanted to try to return to on of these streams I tried to photograph last year but did not get the result I was looking for. There was still a heavy drizzle so I was glad for the weather sealing on my Sony A77. Last year with my Sony A100 I went with a plastic bag taped over the camera to protect it from the rain. The first shot after taking it I did not like the angle. So I reset my tripod to a lower height just inches above the water. You can see the change in point of view really changes the mood of the photograph. I also wanted to do a few HDR vertical panoramas. These are stitched from 20 images. using Photomatix and Photoshop CS5. I also wanted a landscape composition to go along with the vertical panoramas and the portrait compositions. Finally the Sony A77 does HD video. I shot a short 30 second video of the running water. Enjoy, Chris