Thursday, September 24, 2009

What's in a Package?

The other day I was thinking about print delivery. I was trying to decide how to best package prints in a pleasing way.

When you go to any "chain" portrait studio your prints are delivered in a cheap envelope with a window. These envelopes usually have "Portraits" stamped on them in bold letters. They are just as cheesy as when your school portraits used to come home.

I thought a lot about how to stylishly package my prints.

I wanted to package my prints in a way that showed how much I care for my clients prints and their business. I did not want to hand my client prints in a plain envelope marked "portraits".

So after looking around the house and dragging my wife through the local craft stores, I came up with a solution I am happy with.

Using tissue paper and twine I wrapped the prints and placed a thank you card in a clear plastic presentation folder. So to give you an idea of how your prints will arrive I snapped a photo of my packaging.