Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall Colors

Unfortunately I did not get out to get as many photos of the fall colors as I would have liked but I did get a few mornings and evenings for some shots. The weather changed quickly this fall and the colors were not as vibrant. Also frequent rains created many overcast days and stripped the trees of there leaves.

It started out one morning leaving work and heading towards Tycoon Lake. Tycoon Lake is a man made lake built from 1957 to 1960 in an old channel of Raccoon Creek. The lake is very shallow and at its deepest is around 18 feet. Tycoon Lake in 204 acres in size surrounded by the 684 acre Tycoon Lake wildlife area. More information and directions can be found on the Ohio DNR Website.

On the way out I went out State Route 325 to Eagle Road. The leaves were just beginning to change. I stopped along the way to snap the road and the surrounding foliage.

Out at Tycoon Lake the wind was calm and the reflections on the lake were outstanding. I stopped at several parking lots to get different vantage points.

The boat ramp.

The Handicap Fishing Dock

The path to the handicap fishing dock.

On the way to the lake I noticed an older barn. It was still rather dark out so I decided to try for a picture on the way back home. It is an amazing barn. I wish the owner was home so I could get closer and maybe learn some history. The cupala was very large and of particular interest.

A few days later I got out in the evening. I left the house and headed out. Not far from home there is a white fence around a field of soybeans. The leaves were changing in the background.

Next I headed to Cora Mill. Cora Mill was built in 1845 along Raccoon Creek. In the 1937 flood damaged the dam and turbine at the mill and it ceased operation.

I also headed to Boggs Road for some scenic overlooks. The light was fading fast so only a few pictures remained.

On the way home I stopped at the Northup Bridge over Raccoon Creek. This one lane bridge will be removed and replaced with a concrete span in the spring. I am not sure of the age but this style truss bridge is being replaced all over Ohio. It had become dark. I had my 3 million candlepower spotlight with me so I set up for a 30 second exposure. During the exposure I used the light to "paint" the bridge structure. Near the end of the exposure a car drove by creating the red tail lights.

Thanks for looking and enjoy.