Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 335 of 365 - Color Management

I am asked about the colors in my photographs on regular basis. Part of the reason for the quality of the colors in my photographs is due to a color managed workflow. My color management starts with the color target in today's photograph. I photograph this target during sessions to calibrate my camera to the light and the subject. This helps to make sure what my eye is seeing is what my camera is seeing. The next step is to calibrate my monitor. The Spyder3 Pro is placed on my screen and a program displays colors on the screen. These colors are read by the Spyder3 Pro and a my monitor is adjusted to make sure the colors are correct. The Professional lab I use sends me calibration data from their equipment and I use that in Photoshop to make sure what I see on my monitor will EXACTLY match the final printed image. SO if you have ever wondered about some of the way I get my photographs to look the way they do, this is all part of it.