Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hocking Hills

Last Saturday, myself, Steph and the boys went to Hocking Hills State Park to go hiking. We hiked from Cedar Falls to Old Man's Cave and back. A total of about 6 miles. I of course had my camera with me for some photography. I have been to Hocking Hills several times over the last few years and love going there to hike. The greens the foliage and moss make for some spectacular images. If you ever get a chance to go it is truly an amazing place just right in our backyard.

The sun shining through the foliage for some highlights along the creek.

The large cedar trees in the gorge make for impressive foreground and background objects.

All along the gorge are large formations carved by the flowing waters.

The trail crews make every effort to use materials found in the gorge to make stairs and bridges that blend with the environment.

The creek with small outcropping of moss covered, water worn sandstone.

The cool, damp micro climate of the gorge encourages moss and ferns to grow all along the gorge.

Jockeying for daylight and a place to grow, trees grow out of some amazing nooks and crannies, growing in odd directions to follow the sunlight.

Rocks along the trail seem to hang precariously at all angles, creating tight spaces to move through.

Erosion is still shaping the landscape at Hocking Hills. Whether carving new paths for water to flow or eroding tree roots causing trees to fall, the landscape is constantly changing.