Friday, June 1, 2012

Framing Friday - Fast Framing

Framing is labor intensive. Most people don't realize the care and attention to detail required in Custom Framing. A few weeks ago I did a photography and framing project for The Friends of Bossard Library. Trees had been planted in the memory of Randall Callahan and Marshall "Sandy" Brown. A framed photograph of the trees and plaques were to be given to the family members at the dedication. After photographing the trees and plaques I printed the photographs on rag paper. I wanted a torn edge look for the main photograph of the trees. I laid out the matting for a small shadow box to accent the photographs with a smaller mat window for the photograph of the plaque. Finally I cut and joined the frames. Assembled the package added a dust cover and hanger. While doing this I created a time lapse of the matting and assembly. While the video is only 56 seconds long, this was taken over about 2 hours. Here are the photographs of the final frames. Enjoy, Chris