Friday, January 3, 2014

First Snow of 2014

Yesterday was the first snow of the 2014.  By the time enough snow had accumulated the light was gone.  Checking the forecast I knew it should be clear this morning for sunrise.  The Gallipolis City Park was decorated very nicely for the Christmas season with some new light displays.  I had not gotten lighting I had been hoping for to photograph the park after it was decorated.  So this morning I got up early to see how much snow we had gotten.  Much to my surprise we had gotten about 3 inches.  Enough to cover the grass.  It was a little before sunrise and the sky was very clear(it was very cold out too).  I grabbed the camera and tripod and headed to town to see what I could photograph.  The skies were still dark but headed to that deep blue just before daylight.  I found the angles that I liked and took a few pictures.

The first angle was standing along the sidewalk.  I wanted to capture the light post on the right along with some of the lights in the tree.  Luckily I arrived before anyone had walked on the sidewalk leading up to the Bandstand.

Next I wanted to capture the more of the lights in the trees and the large fir tree that sits in the park.  In order to do this I actually was setup with my tripod in the middle of First Avenue.  Luckily traffic was sparse.

Enjoy the snow today, take it easy on the roads.


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