Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lens Baby Composer

A few months ago I got a Lens Baby Composer. The Lens Baby Composer is a an optic system that offers selective focus. This is achieved using the Lens Babies Optic and the fact that the "sweet spot" can be moved around the frame by tilting the axis of the optic. The Lens Baby offers several different optics using its optic swap system. I currently have the double glass optic but am considering the new fish eye optic. All Lens Baby products require manual focus, changing the aperture disk and manual settings work best on the camera.

Here are some photos shot with the Lens Baby.

This is the clock that sits on my mantle. The sweet spot is on the dial in an attempt to draw your eye to it.

The focus on the Lens Baby using the double glass is sharp. It will obviously not be nearly as sharp as a regular lens but it allows for outstanding effects.

One thing that I noticed is with an APS-C crop sensor you don't have to shift the optic system very far move the sweet spot around the frame.

As always you can click on any image to see a larger size.