Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 10 of 365 - Toad

I have never been bothered by reptiles, rodents or insects. If you've been around me long enough you'll see me carrying around a bug, snake, toad, frog, spider, butterfly or whatever. We have always had toads around the yard and I welcome them to help keep the bug population down. I had seen this particular toad around the back porch several times during the summer this year. Today while mowing the lawn I almost ran over this toad. So I scoop him to safety while I finished mowing. I had been playing in the studio all weekend and still had everything setup for macro shots. So I took him inside and he was a very well behaved subject. So after a few shot back to the yard he went.

Wow! day 10. When I started I had about 3 days worth of ideas. I still have a few left but it has been amazing because almost everyday a new idea presents itself.