Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 13 of 365 - Silla Pottery

In October 2000 I spent 9 days in South Korea on business. During this time our hosts took were able to take us sightseeing many places. One of the places was a traditional Silla Pottery Kiln in Kyongju. These kilns produced pottery whose style dates from 1000BC. The pottery has a very rough texture and a bluish gray color from the clay in the Kyongju area. I purchased 2 cups with bells and they became my subject tonight. It was described to me that the "bells" hanging from the sides were to ward off evil spirits.

The information about the pottery is from a sign that I photographed while in South Korea. I have to thank my wife for putting together a wonderful scrapbook of this trip to help me remember all the details.